Friday, August 31, 2007

You Can Still Get a Mortgage--It Just May Not Be Easy, or Cheap

I would like to share an article I found from CNBC in regards to the market and the changes all lenders are making. This is going to be a period of adjustment for buyers and for us lenders; we are going to have to use other avenues to help our buyers who do not meet the stricter lending requirements. Such as educating the buyers and helping them to qualify for the stiffer lending requirements. Giving them credit counseling to improve their credit so they can qualify for a loan and going back to the basics when it comes to what loans will work for our buyers. One program that I will discuss next week is FHA. Please enjoy the article below.

You Can Still Get a Mortgage--It Just May Not Be Easy, or Cheap

Until a few months ago, it seemed that anyone who could fog up a mirror could get a mortgage._ Now, with a credit crisis roiling the industry, some consumers might think they have a better chance winning the lottery than finding a home loan. For more on this visit

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