Thursday, February 27, 2014

Don’t Let Your Sleeping Electronics Drain Your Bank Account.

Don’t Let Your Sleeping Electronics Drain Your Bank Account.

AnnapolisHomes4You and Champion Realty, Inc. are the first tobring AugmentedReality to Real Estate with the ChampionRealty Mobile APP Featuring X-RayVision!  You can now scana neighborhood for homes using a live camera view from your iPad, iPhone orAndroid for up to a mile.  So let’s get started, just click on this link or goto Its FREE! And FREE is always GOOD!

Semper Fi! 
 Loyalty, Commitment And Excellence In All That I Do!

I guarantee to sell your home in 60 days or less, or I will Pay you up to $10,000 in CASH!*

Pat Ogle, Associate Broker, 
Champion Realty, Inc. 711 Bestgate Road, Annapolis, MD 21401 
800.847.9990 ext 660 (O) 443.569.2736 (C) 410-224-0660 (D) 

P.S. Help Us, Help (America’s Heroes) Wounded Warriors and their families as they return home from the current conflicts, honoring and empowering them with a wide range of services. To this end we donate $250 from every closing to the Wounded Warrior Project® . Give us a call at 410-224-0660 to help us help them! 

Please Don't Forget to Show Your Support for Our Marines!

 "IN GOD WE TRUST" | luke 1.37 

*certain conditions apply
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