Thursday, July 24, 2008

INVESTORS: The Best Way to Invest In Real Estate Today!

1. Investment properties can lower your taxes.

Investor’s tax incentives can be substantial. Some investors can use deductions from rental property assets to offset some of their wage income. Other investors, while not eligible for the offset, can avoid owing taxes on their rental income by showing adequate expenses and deductions. Even if rental payments do not cover the investor's expenses, tax breaks may actually make up the difference or more. As an investor, you can claim deductions for actual costs you incur for financing, managing, and operating the rental property. That means mortgage interest payments, real estate taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, property management fees, travel, advertising, and utilities if not paid for by the tenant, can all be deductions. All can be subtracted from your adjusted gross income when figuring your personal income taxes up to the amount of real estate income you receive. Also, don't forget about depreciation. The tax code assumes buildings and improvements wear out over time. These losses are deductible from income, regardless of the property's actual market value.

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